Baked in Telluride has been serving up generous slices and full pies of baked pizza since 1976. Choose from a variety of crusts including whole wheat or white to our BIT original sourdough. We offer gluten-free and vegan pizza options on full-pie orders. Choose from one of our specialty combinations below or customize your own from our list of available fresh ingredients. With these baked pizzas, you won't be left hungry but you will be coming back for more.

Pizza Menu - Sourdough crust, fresh ingredients. generous portions. and slices available from 11 AM every day!

  • Baked in Telluride Original (Cheese & Tomato) - sourdough crust “bakery crust”, our special pizza sauce, a cheese blend, and olive oil brushed crust (S) $11.99 (M) $19.49 (XL) $24.49

  • BIT Veggie Delight - Bell pepper, black olive, fresh tomato, garlic, green chili, mushroom (S) $16.95 (M) $21.95 (XL) $29.95

  • BIT Meat and Veggie Combo - Mushroom, bell pepper, onion, olive, green chili, fresh tomato, pepperoni, sausage, fresh garlic (S) $19.49 (M) $25.99 (XL) $35.49

  • BIT Multi-Meat - Italian sausage, pepperoni, bacon, Canadian bacon (S) $18.99 (M) $24.99 (XL) $32.49

  • BIT Greek - Olive oil, fresh tomato, onion, oregano, garlic, calamata olive, feta, Parmesan, mozzarella (S) $17.49 (M) $22.95 (XL) $31.49

  • BIT Pesto - Premium chunky pesto, fresh tomato, Parmesan (S) $18.49 (M) $22.95 (XL) $32.49

  • BIT Southwest - Avocado, green chili, roasted tomato, cheddar, mozzarella (S) $17.95 (M) $22.95 (XL) $30.95

What size of pizza are you looking for? (11” gluten-free crust available by request)

  • Small (10”) feeds 1-2 people $11.99 – plus .99c per additional topping

  • Medium (14”) feeds 2-4 people $19.49 – plus $1.69 per additional topping

  • Party-Size (XL or 18”) feeds 5+ people 24.49 – plus $2.19 per additional topping

* Made to Order pizza on sourdough wheat crust takes 20-25 minutes

Ingredients for customization: Want to remove an ingredient or customize your own pizza? No problem! Feel free to select from the list of ingredients below.

  • Fruit and Veggie Options: Bell pepper, green chili, fresh mushroom, onion, jalapeño pepper, broccoli, black or Greek olive, fresh garlic, slow-roasted tomato, fresh tomato, avocado, pineapple, artichoke heart

  • Meat Options: pepperoni, sausage, ham, chicken breast, Canadian bacon

  • Cheese Options: mozzarella, feta, cheddar, Parmesan 

Price per topping: Small - .99c/topping, Medium- $1.69/topping, Party-Size (XL) - $2.19/topping   

BIT Pizza by the Slice: Dining alone or on the go? We have fresh pizza ready and waiting for buy by the BIG Slice.

  • By the BIG Slice - Cheese $4.29, Pepperoni $4.49, Veggie (changes daily) $4.49

  • BIG Slice Combo – Select your slice plus the Beverage (including select Beers and Wines) of your choice - “The cheapest beer and slice of pizza in town!”